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Heated Canvases

Would you believe that the canvases you are looking at are actually room heaters!

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Heated Canvas Wall Art
These heated canvases can heat a whole room in a very quick time, low cost to run and look fantastic as well.. Imagine choosing any picture you like printed on a canvas, and then to top it off it heats your whole room…
Gone are the days of that ugly radiator stuck behind the sofa. Good art has the ability to completely transform a room and adding a heated canvas wall art to your home is a great way to show off your personal decorating style.

Heated Canvases are the ideal addition to blank walls in living rooms, hallways, dining rooms and bedrooms and they come in a variety of themes, from abstract geometric prints to cities and stunning landscapes, you decide. Since each piece differs in terms of style, shape and colour, you can experiment with a variety of heated canvases in each room of your home.

Heated canvases

Heated canvases


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